1. Addon Bundle tutorial course for beginners

2. How to get free resource(clipart + template)?

3. Tutorial remove some features from the editor

4. How to use the printful add-on?

5. Instructions to install Lumise PHP Standalone version

6. Unable to upload Lumise plugin on Wordpress dashboard

7. [New Updated]​ The addon bundle version 3.0

8. How to find my purchase-code?

9. Best Woocommerce themes for Lumise plugin

10. How to update PHP version?

11. How to set up Lumise step by step?

12. [New Updated]​ The addon bundle version 2.0

13. How to setup full site like demo Lumise?

14. I do not see any products on design editor page

15. How to back up and move Lumise to the new domain

16. The launcher is not loading properly.

17. Common mistakes with Lumise and how to fix them

18. Support Policy

19. How to setup Arkhost theme and WHMCS

20. How to install Lumise Theme?

21. How to get free addons?

22. 5 best hostings server should use with Lumise

1. Addon Bundle tutorial course for beginners

    Welcome to the Addon Bundle Tutorial Course. In this short video series, you'll discover the basics of using the add-on bundle, a great add-on that contains many helpful features. This series will cover all you need to know, from installing the add-on to configure its settings. All videos are well explained with clear voice narrations. 

What does this course bring to you?

  1. Completely understand every feature in the add-on bundle.
  2. Optimize each tool to fit with your business style.
  3. Effectively apply to grow your business. 

If you found this article is helpful, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more practical videos in the future.

2. How to get free resource(clipart + template)?

1. Installation

Follow the instructions below to install the addon sync on Lumise.

Link download the addon sync: Download Now

From the Dashboard, go to Addons > Installed.

Click-to the Upload button and select the dowloaded file names

Hit on Install now.

After successfully uploaded, click on "deactive" on the status column to activate the addon.

Click HERE to register a new account.

Note: The domain you're going to register with this account must be the same as the domain installed Lumise.

When you finished, go to the Lumise addon settings to verify your domain.

If the button switch to success, it means you've successfully installed addon sync for your Lumise.

2. How to use?

From the Dashboard, go to Templates & Cliparts

Sort resources by the different filters or search by keywords.

Find your chosen resource, and click-on Get

Go to Cliparts > All Cliparts to find your synced clipart.

3. Still need help?

Please open a ticket at for further assistance.

3. Tutorial remove some features from the editor

1. QR code

Please add this CSS to Custom CSS.

You go to Lumise --> Settings --> Editor --> Custom CSS

div#lumise-top-tools>ul.lumise-top-nav>li[data-callback="qrcode"] {display:none!important;}

2. Text effect(bridge …)

To hide the text art  you can go to ..\wp-content\plugins\lumise\core\includes\tmpl.php about line 108  You can remove it.

3. Free and feature in category of clipart and template

Please add this CSS to Custom CSS

You go to Lumise --> Settings --> Editor --> Custom CSS

#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li {
    margin: 0 2% 2% 0!important;

#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li[data-id="{featured}"],

#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li[data-id="{free}"]{


@media only screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li:nth-child(3n),
#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li:nth-child(2n),
#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li  {
   margin: 5px!important;
#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul {
    padding: 14px 15px;
#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li {
    width: 29.333333%;
@media only screen and (max-width: 440px) {
#lumise-left #lumise-x-thumbn-preview .lumise-categories-wrp ul li {
width: 47%;

4. Label free in item clipart, template

Please add this CSS to Custom CSS

You go to Lumise --> Settings --> Editor --> Custom CSS

#lumise-left ul.lumise-list-items li i[data-tag] {display:none!important;}

5. Powered by lumise

Please add this CSS to Custom CSS

You go to Lumise --> Settings --> Editor --> Custom CSS

div#LumiseDesign div#lumise-navigations ul[data-block] span[data-sub="about"] p[data-view="powered"] {display:none!important;}


Hopefully some of the above guidelines will help you.

4. How to use the printful add-on?

The printful add-on supports users to sample the base product from the printful page to create designs with Lumise plugin.

Step 1: You go to website 

You need get API from Printful to connect with Lumise.

After registering the printful account, go to Store --> Create then active it.

You go to Settings --> API to copy API key.

You need encode the API before enter it in the add-on settings. Please go to to encode the API.

Step 2: Install add-on 

After download addon please upload it on Lumise dashboard

You go to addon settings enter the encrypted API

Step 3: Create product with Printful

You choose variation product then choose Lumise Configuration to get printful product.

Video tutorial:


Hopefully the article will help you easier during the installation process and how to use the addon.

5. Instructions to install Lumise PHP Standalone version

To install the PHP version after purchasing the product and downloading it from Envato, please follow these steps:

Step 1: You will go to Cpanel ->  MySQL Databases and add the name, user name, password to create new database. 

✅ Tick on All Privileges ---> Make changes

Step 2: You will have access File Manager -> public_html 

✅ You will upload the Lumisephp into the folder you want and extract it.

Step 3:  In the toolbar, enter domain/installer

--->The displayed screenshot below will show up.

Step 4: Fill in the information you created in step 1 into the table above and then Submit

Step 5: Click on Create Database -> Admin Panel

--> The process will complete when you see this screen appear.

If you have any questions, please open a ticket at Our supporter will assist you 

Thank you for your time! 

6. Unable to upload Lumise plugin on Wordpress dashboard

There are several possible reasons for uploading a faulty plugin. The following are typical reasons:

1. Confusion between "All files & documentation" and "Installable WordPress file only"

If you click on the "All files & documentation" option you have to extract the package. You can see plugin on that folder. You will use that file to upload in Wordpress admin panel.

If you click on the "Installable WordPress file only" option you can upload it in Wordpress dashboard.

2. File Size Limits Are Exceeded

Memory isn’t the only thing that can be pushed to its limit when uploading a new WordPress plugin. You may also find that the allowable file size is exceeded.

To fix this maximum upload limit, you’ll need to do so through the control panel. Access your directory using either FTP or a file manager. Once you’re in there, locate the wp-admin folder.

Do you see a php.ini file? If not, you’re going to have to create one.

Once you have the php.ini file open, look for a section that mentions “filesize”. If it exists, you’ll want to overwrite it with the following code. If it doesn’t, then enter the following lines of code into the file:

post_max_size = 2000M
memory_limit = 3000M
file_uploads = On
max_execution_time = 18000

This will give you some more leeway in how large your plugin files can be. If you’re still experiencing problems with this error, read through Jenni McKinnon’s guide on how to increase the maximum upload limit.

3. Memory Limits Are Exceeded

I touched on this error recently when I talked about the server issues that affect WordPress. Basically, this happens when your web hosting PHP memory limit is too low to process the installation.

The error will say something like, “Fatal error: Allowed memory size of _______ bytes exhausted…” If you see this memory error, it’s easy to fix.

Log into the control panel of your site and open your preferred file editor: FTP or file manager. In the root directory, you’ll find your wp-config.php file. Click on the edit button and add the following line of code:

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' );

Since the default memory limit is usually 64M, this will significantly increase it and help you get your plugin installed without issue.

If it still does not work please open a support ticket. We will help you check it. Thank you!

7. [New Updated]​ The addon bundle version 3.0

What’s news

Fix bugs


Introduction to add-on Price Discount

Price_discount allows users to create discounted prices for specific products.

You can choose from 3 types of settings: Percentage, Fixed price and Fixed minus.

With:  - Percentage: discount by percentage

           - Fixed price: discount based on fixed price (fixed price must be less than product base price)

          - Fixed minus : product price is calculated by ( base price - fixed minus)

How to install addon Price_discount?

Video tutorial:


Introduction to add-on Printing Ruler

Printing_ruler allows users to select the display component of each product.

You can select the component displayed on the left tab bar.

How to install addon Printing_ruler?

Video tutorial:

8. How to find my purchase-code?

We need you provide the purchase-code to verify that you are our customer and with us customer is King. Please follow the link bellow to know how to get purchase-code.

Step 1: Go to Item which you have bought on or

Step 2: Go to Tab "Support":

Or your can go to this to see video how o get purchase code

9. Best Woocommerce themes for Lumise plugin

When using Woocommerce, certainly not every theme can support the best display of your store. So in this article will suggest a few popular Themes and currently a lot of Lumise customers are using.

1. Flatsome

Flatsome is the perfect theme for your shop, company website, or all your clients websites as an agency or freelancer. It has all the tools needed to create super fast responsive website with amazing user experience. Unlimited options with a revolutionary responsive page builder, gives you the ability to create anything without any code.

Flatsome Overview:


2. Lumise Theme

Lumise theme is a theme dedicated to customers who use the Lumise plugin. You will have a complete theme such as the Lumise demo page including 2 homepages and subpages.

When you buy the Lumise plugin you can download it with lumise theme if you want.

Lumise Theme Overview:


3. Woodmart

WoodMart is a premium theme optimized for creating WooCommerce online stores that provides a super fast interface for the ultimate user experience.

Woodmart Overview:


4. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is a fully responsive eCommerce WordPress Theme for WooCommerce with a great design and extensive functionality. 

A quick setup process that guides you though the setup, automatic plugin installation and demo import so you can start working on your site as soon as you get the theme uploaded.

Shopkeeper Overview:


5. Sober

Sober is a unique and modern WordPress e-commerce theme built with Bootstrap and powered by Visual Composer. It was built for your digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, men store, women store, clothing store, furniture store, bookstore, cosmetics shop, luxury jewelry, and accessories store…

Furthermore, this amazing theme is integrated with WooCommerce, many plugins with lots of features, mini cart, custom widgets, unlimited color schemes, Slider with smooth transition effects, Menu with multiple column styles and advanced widgets… You are free to control this theme in order to make your store more friendly and adorable for your customers…

Sober Overview:



Hope the article will help you choose a theme that suits your website.

10. How to update PHP version?

Before updating, please backup data

1. Compress all files in a folder and download that file via File Manager

2. Export all lumise table via PHPmyadmin

Please follow the steps below to update

1. Please open file theme/README.txt and read it.

2. Copy the files you have edited into the /theme directory like header.php, head.php, footer.php ...

3. Open file php_connector.php and copy config then paste it new file like text.txt

4. Download new version at

5. Upload file via File manager then unzip it to overwrite file

6. Open file php_connector.php and replace config

7. Please go to your site and check. If you have problem please open a ticket.

*Tutorial video*

Thank you!

11. How to set up Lumise step by step?

You can see the following video to understand how Lumise works. You can also watch more tutorial videos on our channel Subscribe Now

You can also refer to the video full setup for beginner

12. [New Updated]​ The addon bundle version 2.0

What’s news

Fix bugs


Introduction to addon Display templates & clipart

Addon display_template_clipart allows users to choose templates and clipart just outside the interface of the page without going to the editor-design page.

How to install addon Display templates & clipart ?

[lumise_template_clipart_list per_page="12" left_column="true" columns="4" search="true"]


Video tutorial


13. How to setup full site like demo Lumise?

After purchase Lumise from Codecanyon, go to download item from My Account > Downloads Items. Select Lumise and download it then extract package.

Notice: The installation package already includes Wordpress installation so you do not need to install Wordpress first.

Next you will have to visit the following link to download the installation package for full setup.

After going to the above link and completing the download please extract  and upload the 2 files to the directory where you want to install the website.

In the picture above I will install with domain

You will need to create a new database and username + password to begin the installation.

To start install, please go to your site URL with format http://[your_domain]/installer.php

After that, follow instruction on the page to install.

Step 1: 

Make sure the request is in the Pass state, you just need to accept all terms & notices.

Step 2: 

Next step display with the required fields for database connection (Hostname, Database, User, Password) --> Test Database.

Step 3: Update database

Step 4: Test Site

After press import sample data. You can access your admin panel and check.

Hope the above guide helped you during the installation process.

If you have any problem with full setup site please help us open new ticket. Thank you!

14. I do not see any products on design editor page

When you have finished installing Woocommerce and Lumise plugins, you must create a product with Woocmmerce and choose the base product for it.

Please see the video below to see how Lumise works:

15. How to back up and move Lumise to the new domain

1. Backup database

- Please go to PHPmyadmin and export all Lumise table with .sql file

- Open .sql file and replace URL with new domain

- Save .sql file after replace with new domain. Then go to PHPmyadmin(new domain) and import .sql file

2. File backup

- All files are saved in the path wp-content/uploads/lumise_data. Please go to hosting panel and compress lumise_data folder. Then donwload that file and extract to new site with the path wp-content/uploads/

- With PHP version the data will saved in the path /data/

If you have problem please open a ticket. We will help you. Thank you!

16. The launcher is not loading properly.

If you're experiencing difficulty, click "Launcher" to get a list of all the products that have been assigned to Lumise. You can address the problem by checking all of the options listed below.

1, Go to Setting --> Permalink --> Save

2, Alternately activate - deactivate Vendor addon and Design_launcher mode 2,3 times

3, Ensure that you have been added the [dokan-dashboard] to a public page. 

If the issue persists after trying the above steps, please contact us at [email protected] or submit a ticket on

Thank you very much! 

17. Common mistakes with Lumise and how to fix them

1. Author field is missing in the addon background

Error message:


- Please help me add the "author" field right after the "active" field in the "backgrounds" table.

- The "author" field information is as follows:

2. 403 error message with addon Images

Error message:


Error hosting side, please contact with open hosting support to run files from the folder "lumise_data / addons / images".

-  .htaccess wp-content directory

- .htaccess uploads folder

3. Add text, cliparts, templates that are skewed to the side

Error message:


- Access the setting.php file under the path "wp-content / plugin / lumise / core / admin / pages / setting.php"

- Search for the keyword "text_direction"

- uncomment => save

- Finally, turn off the Text direction function in the Lumise plugin configuration

4.  Error empty cart when checkout outside the frontend

Error message:

Error due to heavy design file could not upload


If the site is running with the apache server, add this line to the .htaccess file

php_value upload_max_filesize 40M 

php_value post_max_size 40M

5. The "View in Lumise editor" function does not work in Lumise-> Orders

Error message:

- Perform the "View in Lumise Editor" function in Lumise-> Orders-> All Orders


- All information of an order are displayed in Woocommerce-> Order

6. Error of not loading the product in the "design-editor" page

Error message:

- When "Customize" is clicked, the message "initializing" or "importing" continuously attached the death wheel


Find and edit defective products in the Products tab

Click "Edit product base" then save the settings and check again:

7, Why can't you change the color of the clipart you add?

Make sure your clipart is in SVG-vector format. You can get vectors at the following websites to compare with yours.



Hopefully some of the above guidelines will help you.

18. Support Policy

Support policy

Thank you for purchasing one of our premium plugin. We only offer support only to our plugin Buyers with a Valid Purchase Code. We only offer support for our plugin, features and functionality unique to our plugin. Please note that we cannot assist with general WordPress support or provide you with plugin modifications and customizations in any circumstances. If you need any customization service you may request a quote from us.

We’re in GMT +7 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours (Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 6 pm).

In some cases the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

What we support

The item support period

A supported item includes item support for 6 months from the purchase date. During those 6 months, the author is expected to be available to provide the item support services we’ve set out on this page. Response times by authors can vary depending on the volume of inquiries, the nature of the request, and whether questions have already been answered or support has already been provided (see ‘fair-use’ later on).

If you’re about to purchase the item, you’ll have the option to purchase extended item support, increasing the item support period up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase.

Answering questions about how to use the item

During the item support period, the author is expected to be available to answer your general questions about the item and how to use it. For example, how do I get my homepage to look like the one in the preview? The response to this type of question can come in various formats including directing you to an already documented response (e.g. in the comments or FAQs).

Answering technical questions about the item (and included third party assets)

During the item support period the author is expected to be available to:

Help with defects in the item or included third party assets

During the item support period, you can report and discuss bugs and minor item defects with the author, and authors are expected to be available to assist you with reported bugs. If appropriate, authors may issue bug fixes directly to you as part of item support. (If an author decides to address a bug fix through a general version update, that update will be available to all buyers.)

A supported item may include third party functionality or items from other authors such as plugins, image sliders or contact forms. During the item support period, the author is expected to be available to assist with questions about third party assets, and to either help you to address particular issues with the third party asset or direct you to where you can find the solution.

Item updates to ensure ongoing compatibility and to resolve security vulnerabilities

If a supported item includes a third party asset (e.g., a plugin), or is intended to work with third party software or platforms (e.g. a CMS), authors are expected to ensure the item remains compatible if the software or platform version is updated. This includes if the third party asset has a security update. Item updates of this type will generally be delivered as version updates available to all buyers. Choosing a supported item (or upgrading to extended support) ensures you’re getting an item that’s backed by the author, and enables our authors to maintain their items in these ways.

What we don’t support

Our support is NOT applicable to the following queries:

Item customization

Item support does not include services to modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page. For customization services that will help you tailor the item to your specific requirements, we recommend contacting the author to see if they privately offer paid customisation services or checking out the great service providers on Envato Studio.

Installation of the item

Buyers have varying levels of experience with different software platforms and technologies and getting your item up and running can depend on many variables that are specific to your circumstances. You’ll need to have a working knowledge of the software platforms and technologies for which items are created, so item support does not include help to install the item on your server or on a CMS. If you’re just starting out or skilling up, try a course or tutorial on Tuts+. If you’re after installation services, you can ask the authors if they privately offer paid installation services or you can check out service providers on Envato Studio.

Hosting, server environment, or software

Authors are not required to support issues about your web hosting or server environment, or issues with the software you’ve got installed on your machine to use the item. Please check your ISP/web hosting provider or other software documentation that you’re trying to use to help solve your issues.

Help from authors of included third party assets

If a supported item includes a third party asset (e.g. a plugin or slider), the author of the third party asset is not required to provide support for that asset to buyers of the supported item. Direct your questions about third party assets to the author of the item you purchased.

Thank you for trusting and using Lumise!

19. How to setup Arkhost theme and WHMCS

We have a detailed article on how to install Arkahost theme and WHMCS, you can go to the following link to see details

If you have problem please open a ticket. Our support will help you. Thank you!

20. How to install Lumise Theme?

Lumise theme is a theme dedicated to customers who use the Lumise plugin. You will have a complete theme such as the Lumise demo page including 2 homepages and subpages.

Please see the instruction video:

You can download Homepage demo and Lumise theme in here:


Hope the article will help you in the process of installing Lumise theme.

21. How to get free addons?

Since Lumise version 1.7.5 we launch addon systems. Basically every addon is a new feature that serves a certain purpose. We have released the Addons Bundle, it is a bundle of addon included:

+ Background

+ Assign

+ Dropbox

+ Distress

+ Images

+ Tour

+ My Design(Only work with Woocommerce version)

You can see the demo at

And video about how the addons work

We will provide some addons as Free for you (it works with Woocommerce and PHP version). It includes:

+ Images

+ Tour

To get addons, please open a new ticket at Our supporter will send you and guilde how to install it.

22. 5 best hostings server should use with Lumise

In this article we will suggest a few popular hosting and currently a lot of Lumise customers are using. It is fully compatible with Lumise without any problems with the server.

1. SiteGround

Siteground is one of the most recommended WordPress hosting companies. They are known for their top notch customer support and fast reliable hosting plans. Their WordPress optimized hosting includes everything you’ll need to create and grow a successful blog. 

Super fast servers: All SiteGround servers are highly optimized for speed. They are equipped with latest hardware like SSD drives and custom software to make sure that your site is super fast.

Customer Support:Their customer support is amazing to say the least. They offer 24/7 phone, live chat, and ticket based support.

Free CDN and SSL: They offer instant setup of Cloudflare’s free CDN and free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt.
Multiple Server Locations They have data centers in three continents. You can choose the location you prefer during signup.

Notice: Contact your hosting provider to determine the best server package for you; the max _execution_ time value can vary by more than 600 seconds.

2. A2 Hosting 

A2 Hosting does a lot of things right. It offers Linux and Windows-based servers, SSD, caching, CDN and SSL for all plans. While some plans offer uptime monitoring and regular backups, all plans offer malware scanning and automatic patching and updates.

The hosting provider offers a managed hosting service called HostGuard. Subscribers of this service have access to a 24/7/365 "Guru Crew" support team that manages network, hardware, software and security. Managed hosting for WordPress customers begins at $9.78/mo and for VPS customers at $25/mo.

24/7/365 customer support is available not only by live chat and email, but by phone. It offers free site migrations with some dedicated attention paid to making a transfer as smooth as possible. And, if you're willing to go for one of the higher-end plans, the company has put some serious attention into performance and caching.

3. Bluehost

When you sign up to Bluehost, you'll get a free domain name for the first year, along with a free SSL certificate (allowing you to operate a secure website for your personal use or business).

If you're a WordPress user, Bluehost is definitely a web hosting provider to consider. While its managed WordPress hosting is a little more pricey than basic shared hosting, the company has both specific WordPress and WooCommerce hosting plans available (along with management support). It also offers a site migration service for an additional fee. 

The web hosting provider got bonus points for its policy of performing regular daily backups, even on the lowest-priced shared hosting accounts. Be aware, though, that the promotional price on the low-cost shared hosting does go up after the promotional period. That said, Bluehost offers 24/7 phone support, a 30-day money-back guarantee and SSH access for certain plan options.

4. HostGator 

HostGator is a full-service hosting company, with plans for almost any need. Whether you're starting out and need a very basic shared site, or need to be able to operate your own machine dedicated solely to your company, HostGator has a service that can help.

HostGator not only allows more sophisticated site builders to customize their dedicated or virtual server, but also to choose Linux or Windows hosting. While HostGator doesn't support SSDs on all plans, many of its servers can be equipped with the faster drives.

HostGator gained points for uptime monitoring and regular backups, along with free cPanel or Plesk. We liked that SSH is available for the more technically inclined site operators and that dedicated IP addresses could be purchased. We did take points off because it's sometimes difficult to tell what the price is once promotional plans run their course. That said, with a generous 45-day money back guarantee, there's a hosting solution for almost everyone at HostGator.

5. DreamHost 

DreamHost's provide a free shared website to 501(c)(3) nonprofits is so notable. (Full disclosure: A nonprofit I was affiliated with once took advantage of this offer.) 

Beyond that, DreamHost is a top website hosting platform for many reasons. First, it operates its own control panel, which is convenient and easy to understand. While phone customer support isn't available 24/7, it is responsive to live chat and tickets. The company uses super-fast SSDs for all its storage, has a free SSL certificate (for more secured web browsing) and provides SSH access for those plans that are intended for more technical users.


Hopefully the article will help you easily choose a  hosting server that suit your work requirements.