How to use the printful add-on?

The printful add-on supports users to sample the base product from the printful page to create designs with Lumise plugin.

Step 1: You go to website https://www.printful.com/ 

You need get API from Printful to connect with Lumise.

After registering the printful account, go to Store --> Create then active it.

You go to Settings --> API to copy API key.

You need encode the API before enter it in the add-on settings. Please go to https://www.base64decode.org/ to encode the API.

Step 2: Install add-on 

After download addon please upload it on Lumise dashboard https://prnt.sc/t9pl53

You go to addon settings enter the encrypted API

Step 3: Create product with Printful

You choose variation product then choose Lumise Configuration to get printful product.

Video tutorial:


Hopefully the article will help you easier during the installation process and how to use the addon.