How to get free addons?

Since Lumise version 1.7.5 we launch addon systems. Basically every addon is a new feature that serves a certain purpose. We have released the Addons Bundle, it is a bundle of addon included:

+ Background

+ Assign

+ Dropbox

+ Distress

+ Images

+ Tour

+ My Design(Only work with Woocommerce version)

You can see the demo at https://codecanyon.net/item/addons-bundle-for-lumise-product-designer/25824664

And video about how the addons work

We will provide some addons as Free for you (it works with Woocommerce and PHP version). It includes:

+ Images

+ Tour

To get addons, please open a new ticket at https://king.ticksy.com/submit. Our supporter will send you and guilde how to install it.